We are a company formed by young entrepreneurs with a comprehensive view of cybersecurity and with extensive experience in the area. We assist our clients from the first steps in the development process.

What we believe?

The course of action to achieve a secure network system consists of the continuous audit process of the services and of the integration of personalized security measures for each system.

We have our own investigation laboratory, where we simulate multiple infrastructures and perform tests on techniques, configuration and audit tools. Our goal is to offer an effective service without any impact on business productivity.

In our team, the relationship with our clients is fundamental. This is why we provide continued support with personalized services, such as security policies development, Security Analytics, continuous improvement programs and staff training.

Why should you implement a proactive security audit process?

Traditional solutions, such as Antivirus and Firewalls, are not effective enough to protect an organization against specifically directed attacks.

Most security solutions are designed solely to protect systems against a limited number of attacks and against generic malware softwares, using signature-based detection systems. These are useless against specially modified attacks or against attacks entirely programmed by a potential attacker.

Through a detailed software and configuration analysis, an audit process is carried out manually and extensively for each one of the software components in the system.

Our consultants submit a report with suggestions for the resolution of security vulnerabilities, as well as potential architectural and configuration changes to strengthen the organization against both generic and directed attacks.